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nVidia and optimus penguin…

I've had the pleasure to be working much closer with linux in the last few months and have decided in the spirit of advancing my tired old brain to run a couple of Ubuntu Linux Gnome machines for testing (and breaking) purposes.

An interesting thing I came across today was that one of the machines has something called nVidia optimus hardware, which means simply put that the "normal" 2D graphics are processed by the inbuilt Intel graphics chips whilst the intensive 3D stuff such as gaming or CAD is handed off to a nVidia graphics processor. How interesting. (Who remembers 3DFx VooDoo cards?...)

This is not current officially supported natively in Ubuntu 13.04 at this point and loading a vanilla setup will not give you full advantage of the nVidia card BUT as always with the linux community someone has done something about it. Enter Bumblebee.

So here is what I did:

1. Fresh install of Ubuntu Gnome 13.04

2. Now you'll have to add the repo's for bumblebee.

a. $ sudo apt-get-repository ppa:bumblebee/stable

b. $ sudo apt-get update

c. $ sudo apt-get install bumblebee virtualgl linux-headers-generic

d. reboot

 3. add your user to the bumblebee group with

a. $sudo usermod -a -G bumblebee $USER


Now to run a program through the 3D graphics card just type 'optirun <app name>'

a. $ optirun glxspheres

See below a screen shot of the results.

glxspheres running normally reports using the MESA DRI Intel GL renderer and pumps out 67 FPS whereas the second time I've run it with $> optirun glxspheres it users the NVS 4200M as the GL Renderer at 137 FPS - twice the speed.



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Scottish Summer

Well, even though it's over now I think that we've had probably the best summer since I've been living in the UK (7 years now!) Here are some nice wee pics from a day at Crammond with Wee P

2013-07-06 12.14.29 2013-07-06 12.36.03

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Christmas 2012

What a good Christmas it's been this year , I've had the week off and I'm not back at work until next Wednesday, giving me plenty of time to spend with the kids and the wife. Got a very decent haul of pressies including a Kindle, Lego Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth from the Good Lady and The Hobbit board game and MtG: Dueling pack from some friends and Forza Horizon (xbox) along with the usual teeth-rotting haul of chocolate and cola....

Christmas dinner was at ours this year and we hosted the Mother-in-Law so it was a chilled out day. The Good Lady did a great job on the turkey dinner and we've been eating turkey ever since...

Major pressies for the tin lids this year from Mr S were a Doll's House for Wee P and a Little Tikes slide for the boy - although they spend more time playing with each others gifts I think...

2012-12-25 15.55.39

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Cartoon: Mana Tapped…

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BBC Radio 6Music breakfast at the Fringe

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What’s been happening?

The last couple of months have been really quite busy with a lot of things happening at work and home, I've had two work trips to London and Wee Jack who is now 6 months old is full of the beans and almost on the move!

As usual, I've have stuff up on BigRedBarrel, including a Diablo III review and the Uninteresting Life cartoons and here are the links:



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Cartoon: The (Un)Interesting Life…Barrel Gnomes

This is one of older ones that first appeared on Sarcastic Gamer

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Weekend 19.05.2012

This week has flown by really, work is constantly busy which is good really, better than being bored and unchallenged. This weekend is a big football weekend with the Scottish Cup Final between the two Edinburgh Teams the glorious Hearts and the dirty dirty Hibs - this will be followed up with the champions league final between Chelsea and Munich, so not much movement from me today really...

Another one of my cartoons went up on Big Red Barrel this week, look at it here if you haven't seen it yet. I was sorta hoping to be able to do some yard work tomorrow but the weather has been so dismal this week that I doubt the ground will dry out enough for me to get the mower out. Maybe that just means that me and Wee P will go down the park and jump in muddy puddles for fun instead. Everybody likes jumping in muddy puddles...

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